100% commitment to 24 hour or less (often 2 hours) turn around of certificates.

Our front line service team can respond almost instantly to request for certificates. With redundancy already established with our internal operating procedures, multiple people become aware of the requests, active communication confirms if extra action is required and certificates are delivered immediately. We understand that your certificate issuance and evidence is a reflection of your business and its operation and we take this seriously.

24 hour or less turn around for insurance language review for vendor, partner, lender contracts, access to in-house counsel as necessary.

We often review insurance language in contracts for our clients. As required, we will provide helpful feedback about insurance language while also providing insight/education on how certain terms may impact you or others.

Customized invoicing

We can set up as you need us to. We can bill to entities, create and perform allocations, apply tax, and create any further customizations as needed. Planning and understanding.


Where it is available, helpful, and appropriate for your operations, we will seek modifications to policy language. While we do have standard manuscripts for large property placements - we would look to specifically address these based on your asset classes, inclusive of adjusting deductibles as needed. We tailor our solutions, and this is something we commit to building.

Financing Options / Payment Term Flexibility

There are options available for premium financing to assist with cashflows. A variety of options and payment terms for financing solutions will be presented as part of our engagement. This can include the Brokerage Fees. Opportunistically, we will also explore with insurers favourable payment terms to potentially avoid the need for financing costs. We will bring these options to you as part of our normal course of conducting business.


We commit to delivering regular reporting on the status of open items, be it claims, or engineering. We also commit that on demand, we can produce for you or your stakeholders any manner of reports that may be required.


This is a reoccurring theme for us - we commit to total transparency of our work. We believe that this transparency to you, and to the insurers you contract with, creates value for all parties.

Claims “Involvement”

We believe the ‘placing team’ is incredibly helpful when managing claims situations. We commit to our clients that the service team you deal with day-to-day will also be the team that oversees your claim to ensure it is being advanced in a timely and appropriate manner. We don’t “pass you off” to a group of people you don’t know, and who don’t know you or your business.

Calendarizing / Planning

Meeting and communicating with each other is important. Regular ‘check-ins’ will be natural between our organizations because of our proximity. However, having scheduled and planned meetings to address engineering items, claims, acquisitions, dispositions will be helpful throughout the year.